Ty Dolla $ign is well-known for his fondness for weed, and apparently he's the type to take it a step further and go on a psychedelic voyage from time to time.

In a new interview with DJ Small Eyez, Ty recalled his "horror high story" in which he took shrooms at Coachella 2014 and ran into Diddy backstage during the most intense portion of his trip.

"I performed with the homie Carnage and then after or before, I put hella shrooms on pizza. I did the show. The show came out cool. I guess the high didn't kick in yet," he said.

The high kicked in when he went to watch Zedd's set. "His shit was amazing. He had all these crazy lights I had never seen and a crazy screen. He's just in the middle of this box just smiling doing his shit and everybody's just going crazy. Then it just got scary. All of sudden Outkast came on and shit. That shit was just real trippy to where I had to fucking leave."

Enter Diddy.

"Then I went backstage and then I meet Puffy Daddy for the first time and it just got hella business," he recalled. "I was high as fuck and I was like, damn. Then I didn't even get his number."

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