Last night the NBA announced the starters for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, and everyone (including this writer) were shocked to see that Russell Westbrook was not among the Western Conference starters. He’s currently averaging a triple-double, something that has only been done by Oscar Robertson in the 1960s.

The debate over who should win the NBA MVP between Russell Westbrook and James Harden (who is starting in the ASG) is very real, but Steph Curry is simply not in consideration. The new voting system in which fan votes only accounted for 50% of the vote was supposed to fix this sort of problem, but it clearly did not.

Twitter exploded after the news broke, and everyone from casual fans to actual NBA players voiced their displeasure with the result. Check out a few of the responses below, as well as Steph Curry’s reaction to starting over Westbrook. We can’t wait to hear what Beastbrook has to say.