Tupac's legacy is carried through the amount he accomplished within a short time frame. He's still one of the most highest selling rappers of all time, but rapping wasn't the only thing he excelled in. 'Pac was also an incredible actor and played some legendary roles in some equally legendary films. Prior to releasing his debut album, the rapper was filing "Juice." His co-star Khalil Kain, who played "Raheem" in the film, recently recalled a time when 'Pac jumped a kid who tried to steal jewelry out of his trailer.

Khalil Kain recently sat down with Vlad TV and recalled a time when 2Pac allegedly stomped out a kid on the set of "Juice." Kain explained that 'Pac was constantly trying to uplift people, whether it be breaking bread with someone or simply giving someone a hug. However, Kain says that his approach backfired on him one day which ultimately led to a scuffle.

"I grew up in New York City. I knew what Uptown was about,” Kain said shooting the film in Harlem. "I wasn’t showing love that way, at that point. And yeah, [2Pac] invited the wrong kid to hang out. And the kid stole some jewelry and he got his ass beat. He got stomped out. You know, those are the rules.”

He continued to explain that he ended up witnessing it after he was done shooting his parts for the film and simply invited a girl to check out the set. He later seen it occur and while he was trying to bring the lady away from it, she thought they were just shooting a scene for the film.

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