Trinidad Jame$ continues to stir up controversy. Following his comments regarding New York rap media's lack of support for New York rap, Trinidad spoke out on Twitter in support of his argument, as well as releasing a track called "L.I.A.A.R.S." which addressed the situation.

It seems the biggest statement is yet to come, as Jame$ took to Twitter yesterday to announce what seems to be a track and video, which will drop tomorrow. "The Truth Will Set You Free" will apparently go out to "every New Yorker," and seems to be a pretty risky move, as the rapper described it would "be either the rise or fall of me".

Read his tweet, and his Instagram caption below.

To Every New Yorker. On Monday "The Truth Will Set You Free" comes out. No album...Just the truth. You gonna want to look and listen to this. God is my witness I had to pray about this. This is what you wanted so I gave it to ya. The Real.


[Update: Trinidad Isn't Going To Apologize For Comments]

 In a new PSA vlog titled “The Truth Will Set You Free,” the “All Gold Everything” rapper attempted to clear the air about the controversial comments he made last week.

 James went on record to say that he isn't going to apologize for his comments, but that he “picked the wrong place to have a barbershop conversation”. He also says that he wasn’t trying to offend New York as a city, but wanted to get New York radio to play more music from their new generation of talent.

Watch his new PSA below.