For many artists, flying is a necessary part of the job, and there are no doubt varied opinions on that. Admittedly, those in the upper echelon are quick to flaunt their private jet status, though such exuberance is not for everybody. While Tory Lanez could no doubt afford the extra juice for a PJ, it doesn't appear that such luxuries would bring him any comfort. In fact, ever since experiencing a harrowing near-crash en route to Summer Jam, Tory has adopted a slight fear of flying, a la Marge Simpson. 

The rapper has since taken to Instagram to poke fun at his recently developed fear, showing some footage from his latest flight. "Lol ever since the plane almost crashed on the way to summer jam," he writes, "the turbulence be having me dumb fucked up. I be tryna flex on the jets but in all reality . I be scared then a bitch."

His words are backed up by visual evidence, which finds him tensing up at the slightest hiccup, much to the amusement of his traveling companions. Peep the footage below, and pray for Lanez. While his fear may be genuine, it's still endearing to see that he can always laugh at himself.