Top 5 Most Expensive Videos Of The 90s

Jonathan Carey
May 10, 2017 15:54

Who were the real big ballers of the 90s.

Before the days of social media, advanced camera phones, and artists taking a more performance based approach to their music videos, there was the 90s video era. Big budget visuals, where special effects and splurging took center stage. Who can ever forget the copious amounts of champagne Dame Dash wasted on yachts in the "Big Pimpin" video, or the exact number of different jumpsuits that Ma$e and Diddy wore in "Mo money Mo problems," as they slid through a space tube. 

All are great memories in hip-hop history. We often speak of 90s era hip-hop in nostalgia, whether that be in the lyrical content, subject matter or production. However, all things must evolve over time, and usually for the better. The music videos of today allow artists to be more creative and intimate with their visuals, without blowing the black card. With that said, there was still nothing like the gaudy 90s music video blowout. It was a time where winning a Video of the Year award really meant who produced the best mini movie. So let's take a moment to relive five of the most expensive hip-hop videos of the 90s, and of course to reminisce, as we always do about 90s.   

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