Tiny Harris has become somewhat of a fan favorite, especially for those loyal Family Hustle devotees. Today, the self-styled "Majorgirl" took a moment to pen a thoughtful birthday message to her eldest daughter Zonnique Pullins, who turned 23. 

"Where it all started! I didn’t know how Blessed I really was, carrying a baby that would grow to be as perfect as you are! You’ve made me the proudest mother ever!" writes Tiny, sharing a throwback photograph of her pregnant phase. "Happy 23rd birthday to my Gorgeous child @zonniquejailee Thank you for being better than me as a teenager! I know I might not be this lucky wit u know who😏 hope you’re having the best day ever without ya mama!!"

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Alongside the emotional message, Tiny shared a slideshow of older pictures from Zonnique's childhood, a testament to their time together. It's always nice to receive some birthday love, and while some kids might outgrow the mother's public praise, deep down, they likely appreciate it. Respect to Tiny for holding it down.