T.I is no stranger to dropping wisdom on Instagram, and after Funk Flex publicly put Pac on posthumous blast, Troubleman had to lay down the law. T.I was clearly not feeling the way Flex spoke ill of the late great Makaveli, penning a response that was respectful yet firm. "When he was alive, you was on da air then," says T.I. "That was the time to address this. NOT HERE,NOT NOW,NOT LIKE THIS!!!

Reading between the lines, it's easy to read that particular line as a call-out. TIP may as well have straight up said "you was shook." Flex's burst of hostility toward Pac was bound to draw some ire from the hip-hop community, and T.I.P is one of the first to personally address the Hot 97 DJ.

I imagine the LA response will be far less diplomatic.

Meanwhile, Funk Flex doesn't seem phased by the backlash. The bomb-dropper is sticking to his guns, continuing his crusade against Pac with an abundance of tweets. "Stop glorifying false prophets!" writes Flex, along with some further thoughts on that fateful night at Quad Studios.