Is there a more iconic couple in current-day hip-hop than T.I and Tiny? Throughout all of the ups and downs, the pair have remained loyal to one another, to the point where they stand together even now. Yesterday, Tiny celebrated her forty-fourth birthday, and Tip made sure to keep the celebration a lavish affair. Ever the schemer, Tip hid an iced out necklace at the bottom of a gargantuan Bloody Caesar, giving his wife all the more incentive to ring in the occasion on a lit note. Troubleman took to Instagram to share footage of his toast, which found Tiny pulling her prize from the beverage and donning it proudly before pulling him into a passionate, and possibly Caesar-fueled embrace.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

"All Bullshit aside... It’s A pleasure to Show Out & Pipe UP for the Queen," writes Tip. "Each and every year.... Happy Birthday Mrs Harris. We’re all thankful & blessed to have you in our lives,reminding us that Life is for Laughter & Living!!!  I’m fasho gon see to it that your cup runneth over with All my Love,Forever More... Side Note: The best is yet to come.... Aint no turnin’down Jack!!!!" And like any solid couple, Tip makes sure to insert a few inside jokes into the mix, a testament to their longstanding relationship.

Happy belated birthday to Tiny, and respect to T.I. for holding it down for all of those currently in long-term relationships.