There's a hell of a lot going on in Lil Mama's new video for "Sausage," so if you're not a frequent Vine user or a high school student, her incorporation of the #SausageMovement chant probably went over your head. 

This craze has been going on since close to the beginning of the year, and was actually on its way out before endorsement in her new video, which has led some saying she officially killed the trend.

If you're not familiar, the #SausageMovement is a chant performed lunchroom-style, pounding on a desk, wall, or table to create a beat, and doing a call-and-response rap in which "sausage" is repeated after every bar.

Videos of kids at school doing their own versions of the chant went viral on Vine, but now that Lil Mama has referenced it in the hook of her new song, people are not too pleased. 

Take a look at some of the original videos, as well as the responses to Mama's "Sausage" below.