While some originally questioned the union of Post Malone and Crocs, in reality, the match was indeed made in heaven. For whatever reason, Posty's unconventional partnership with the divisive footwear proved to be a brilliant marketing strike, and will likely pad Posty's bank account right in time for the holiday season. Yet unfortunately for those looking to represent for Posty from head to toe, the supply is not necessarily meeting the fervent demand. 

The first batch of Post Malone Crocs sold out in one day's time, and the brand decided to come back for a second drop. This time, the design mirrored Posty's own album cover, opting for a neon yellow color scheme. Unfortunately, history seemed to repeat itself, and the shoes are once again sold out in fewer than twenty-four hours. Post took to Instagram to announce the news, confirming that there remain several "Jibbitz charms" available, a consolation prize of sorts. As of now, we're not sure if a third drop will arrive, or if Post will simply say "to hell with it" and sign a full-fledged partnership deal. 

All we know is this - Post Malone Crocs are among the holiday's most coveted piece of artist merchandise. Did you get your pair?