The Oklahoma City Thunder survived what could have been a much deadlier situation this weekend, after their charter plane that was taking the team to Chicago for an upcoming tilt with the Bulls was dented in the nose area en route to their destination. Carmelo Anthony and Steven Adams both shared pictures of the jet once it had landed safely in Chi-town, with both men wondering what could have happened to the plane that would have caused such visible damage to the craft's exterior. You can peep those pictures below.

As per ESPN's Royce Young, Delta believes that the dent was likely caused by a bird hitting the aircraft while they were both in the air. However, according to team sources who were on the flight, there were no signs of any object, animal or otherwise, hitting the plane while it was cruising at altitude, headed towards the Windy City. "What possibly could we have hit in the SKY at this time of night?" asked Anthony, echoing the sentiments of everyone involved. It doesn't sound like he or his OKC teammates are buying the bird explanation.

The Thunder have had only a so-so start to the season on the court, with a middling 3-3 record to begin the season. Their triumph over the Bulls on Saturday (October 28th) was a decisive result and perhaps the jumpstart the team needs right now, after suffering some narrow defeats early on, including one to the Minnesota Timberwolves thanks to a last-second three-pointer from Andrew Wiggins. Still, the combination of Anthony, Paul George and the league's reigning MVP Russell Westbrook should strike fear into the hearts of most coaching staffs, who will have trouble with defensive coverage when all three of those superstars are on the floor together.

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