Game has a very good relationship with his children, and is often very vocal about it, including recently warning other parents of a nanny he felt mistreated his kids. HotNewHipHop got a chance to talk to the rapper about his children, and got into what he had learned from them, as well as his favorite cartoons growing up.

"Definitely the Simpsons, Simpsons is crazy." Game said of his favorite animated series. "Family Guy is always dope, King Of The Hill, Beavis and Butthead." The Compton rapper then dropped a couple vintage picks from his childhood. "We gotta take it way back to Transformers, Thundercats, Go Bots, Tom and Jerry, Speedy Gonzalez..."

Game then spoke of how obsessed his daughter is with TV. "She's 2 years old but she stays up 'til like one or two in the morning, and she throws a fit if you cut the TV off the Disney channel," he said.

The Operation Kill Everything emcee went on to reveal how his children have changed his life. "My kids have taught me to be a little bit more kind, loving, and just have open arms for positivity. Before I ever had a kid, my life was so negative and so was I. Everything I did had to have some type of negative aspect. Ever since Harlem was born and then King, and Cali-- I'm in love with them. I love them there are the inspiration and motivation for everything I do."

Watch the full interview below.