The Game has reportedly been ordered to pony up the $7 million sum forwarded to him in his sexual assault case, all in the next 48-hour window, or risk an arrest warrant. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, The Game née Jayceon Taylor could face a US Marshal sting if he doesn't declare his intentions to produce the seven-figure sum as required of him, after deferring payment to appellate courts and coming up short there again. 

The judge who presided over the final verdict has issued a decree stating that Jayceon has failed to produce the requisite forms, documents and financial records that would have ensured him a period of stagnation. The victim in the case, Priscilla Rainey, has been waiting just over two years to receive her court-ordered "financial reward."

The sexual assault stems from an incident that occurred on the set of a VH1-produced game show, for which The Game and Priscilla Rainey were thrust into the romantic spotlight. Behind the scenes, his conduct was a far more cavalier, leading Priscilla to eventually mount a class action lawsuit for her troubles backstage, The Game's alleged unsolicited advances.

The Game then chose to defer the blame over to Viacom, VH1's parent company, upon of his fate. Viacom was absolved of any responsibility for his conduct, and they, in turn, ordered him to cover their legal expenses, let the record show.