Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show was one of the smoothest guys on television at the time. That's how he was able to marry one of the Huxtable girls, and start a fictional family of their own. On the classic series, that has since been stained with the disgrace of Bill Cosby, Elvin started off as a somewhat sexist character. His belief in strict gender roles slowly began to change with the influence of the strong Huxtable women, and his character arc and maturity were amazing to watch. Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin, has come a long way from his days of being a television star. 

As reported by DailyMailOwens was spotted working at a Trader Joe's in Clifton, New Jersey recently. Looking like a different man, the hefty Owens was spotted in a dirty uniform with a shaggy grey beard. Karma Lawrence was grocery shopping with her wife Yanelle on Saturday when the two spotted Owens and took a few pictures. "I have never seen him at Trader Joe's before," Lawrence told DailyMail. "I was getting a bunch of groceries and he wasn't really looking at anybody, but he said, 'Have a nice day.'"