Under Armour has come a long way since the brand launched 20 years ago and today they've built up a roster that includes the reigning NFL MVP, Cam Newton, as well as the reigning NBA MVP, Stephen Curry, and the reigning MLB MVP, Bryce Harper. Not to mention, guys like Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady.

But before Steph Curry blew up on the scene with his signature sneakers and boosted the brand into the basketball apparel conversation, there was Brandon Jennings.

The year is 2009: The Milwaukee Bucks have selected Jennings with the 10th overall pick, after playing professionally in Italy for one year rather than going to college. He's already an Under Armour athlete.

In fact, he became the first basketball sneaker endorser for UA in 2008 and was pegged to be the poster child for the brand, even though they hadn't even produced a basketball sneaker yet. But when they finally came up with something for Jennings it was dubbed the Under Armour Prototype II, and they were the sneakers he laced up for his epic "Double Nickel" performance against, fittingly enough, the Warriors in his rookie year of 2009.

The iconic sneakers didn't release until two years after the fact, but they were the first sneaker released under the Under Armour basketball umbrella.

The "Double Nickel" Under Armour Prototype 2 was a limited release, complete with special edition branding on the tongue, and it still remains as one of the best UA basketball shoes ever to hit retailers, IMHO. To a degree, the sneakers remind me of the Nike LeBron 7 due to the similar cut of the patent leather and thick, flat laces, though that's not to say Brandon Jennings' rookie sneakers inspired one of the most beloved LeBron silhouettes. 

Under Armour is still growing their basketball line, thanks to the explosion of Steph Curry, but if they ever think of retroing some pairs, the Prototype II needs to be at the top of their list. Not just to pay homage to the first basketball brand ambassador, or his epic 55-point performance, but because the sneakers are dope and deserve some more love.