No truer words have ever been uttered than the ones Method Man said of Ol' Dirty Bastard on their legendary 36 Chambers album.

ODB is truly one of a kind, with absolutely no father to his style. With a name as crazy as his flow, Ol' Dirty Bastard took the world by storm during his 10 year hip-hop takeover. 

While the MC, whose real name is Russell Tyrone Jones, passed away on November 13 2014 (just two days before his 36th birthday), he left behind a killer catalogue of whacky rap tunes for us to bump. Most of them are as unique now as they were back then, which isn't always the case with hip-hop.

While he crushed it on his Wu-Tang verses, some of his solo stuff can be overlooked. So today we're throwing it back to ODB's solo cuts.