Swizz Beats contributions to the rap game is extensive. Whether it's his production or his ad-libs on tracks, he has a magical touch that's proved to help elevate a song. His contributions on "So Appalled" from Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a great example of this. However, nearly eight years since the song dropped and there's a specific part in it that drives the legendary producer crazy.

Peter Rosenberg recently linked up with Swizz Beatz on his "Open Late" show with Complex. The full episode is expected to air later tonight but he shared a snippet of the interview where Swizz talks about "So Appalled." If you listen closely to the song, there's a split second during Swizz' intro where he cuts out and comes back in. Although minor, Swizz Beatz explained why it still drives him insane.

"I just never understood why my part wasn't cleaned up. If you hear it, my voice skips on it... It drives me crazy," he explained. "I don't know. I don't think he wanted to mess with my craft, I don't know what it was but everything is last minute."

Swizz explained that Kanye essentially dismissed the little skip in the track and pretty much thought it sounded tight regardless.

He continued to explain that it doesn't ruin the listening experience for him at all, it's just the one part that irks him.

"I love the song, I just never figured out why the engineer, not even Kanye, didn't fix that glitch." He said.

Watch the clip below.