Swizz Beatz is one of the most brilliant minds in hip hop. His production credits speak for themselves and he's garnered several awards on the way. Along with that, he's shown off his business savvy side with partnerships with KidRobot, his Reebok sneaker line, his art collection and much more. Now, he extends his business prowess with his latest accomplishment.

Earlier today, the producer officially became a member of Harvard's Business School alumni. He took to Instagram to share a video of himself crossing the stage to a loud applause. "Blessings on Blessings. I'm in the inspiration business #harvard #opm50 #fromthebronxtoharvard," he captioned the video. Swizz graduated from the Owner/President Management program which is geared towards people with major corporate positions such as CEO's, COO's, Presidents and Managing and Executive directors who've gained a minimum of 10 years of experience. It's a highly reputable program meant for some of the biggest bosses. The qualifications for the program also ask that you come from a company that earns $10M a year in revenue or whose value is worth that much. 

Swizz's certificate is one that he's gained for the Bronx. While walking the stage, he wore a traditional suit except on the back of it, it had "From The Bronx To Harvard" written on the back. 

A few days a go, Swizz made the official announcement through his Instagram. The famed producer (and Harvard grad) said in an Instagram video, "No, I'm not getting an MBA. This is alumni status of the OPM program. But no matter what I'm in here for, I'm in here to further my education," He said, "We came, we seen, we conquered. Harvard's doing a case study on your boy, it's showtime." 

Swizz Beatz is well-deserving of his recent accolade. For the past three years, he's been sharing his process in school and the journey that he's been on. Over the final days of his classes, the rapper posted several candid moments from his classes, including a faux business negotiation he had to do with his teacher.

It's a solid feat for Swizz but it's also another win for hip hop to see someone who has dedicated their life to the culture elevate it onto an academic platform.

Biggups to Swizz. Check the IG posts below: