No single brand can cause chaos quite like Supreme can. Just look at what their box logo hoodie drop did. Things got so bad the last few years that New York City has stopped allowing lines outside their stores. However, yesterday brought a whole new twist to the Supreme hype-cycle when Supreme dropped their collaboration with the New York City MTA (Metro Transit Authority): a MetroCard with Supreme branding.

If you thought the Supreme madness was only limited to clothes, let us prove you wrong. The MTA announced the cards were on sale at random ticket booths in random stations throughout the city, and when they revealed the locations, the hunt was on. Check out video and pictures captured below. We can only imagine how confusing and intense this must have been for tourists.

The MetroCards (which usually cost $1, these were $5.50) are already reselling for over $100. We presume many of the buyers don’t even live in New York, making the cards especially useless. There's still hope if you're in New York and haven't copped one yet; the MTA says there may be more on the way.