Over the last few decades, the Phoenix Suns have had their fair share of issues. Of course, a lot of this was forgotten last summer as the Suns made it all the way to the NBA Finals and were just two wins away from lifting the Larry O'Brien trophy. Recently, however, Suns fans have been a bit disappointed as their owner Robert Sarver has refused to give Deandre Ayton a max contract.

Since buying the team in the mid-2000s, Sarver has received a ton of criticism for not paying players all while neglecting free agents. The Ayton situation has Suns fans experiencing some PTSD, and many are already questioning Sarver's intentions for the season.

Robert Sarver

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Interestingly enough, Suns fans might not have to deal with Sarver for much longer. According to reporter Jordan Schultz, the league is preparing for an expose on Sarver that will reportedly accuse him of sexism, sexual harassment, and even racism. As Schultz said, the NBA could have the power to force him out of the league if they find significant evidence that he did something wrong. 

This news has fans shocked but also intrigued about what is to come here. The piece against Sarver could come at any time, and executives around the league will be looking to see what allegedly took place.


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