Sunday evening, the Oakland Raiders walked away with a victory over the Miami Dolphins with a score of 27-24 in the Dolphins' first match since the departure of running back Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia.


On the Raiders’ end it was Marshawn Lynch, stepping back on the field since his one-game suspension, who had 14 carries for 57 yards, scoring two touchdowns in the evening while quarterback Derek Carr cracked 300 passing yards, averaging 10 yards on each attempt, marking one of his more consistent performances in a wavering stream of showings that vary by the week.

On the Dolphins’ end, quarterback Jay Cutler threw for the three touchdown passes that would keep Miami on the board all night. Running back Kenyan Drake put up 69 yards on 9 carries but managed to lose a key fumble while Damien Williams managed to catch every pass that came his way, scoring 47 yards and a touchdown. But ultimately, Miami’s offense couldn’t hold up.


Next up, the Raiders will face off with the New England Patriots on November 9th while Dolphins go up against the Carolina Panthers on the next bout of Monday Night Football on November 13th.