After being indicted over making death threats to Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray, Suge Knight has officially plead not guilty. TMZ reports that Suge was in court this morning when his lawyer Mathew Fletcher entered the plea on Knight's behalf. Fletcher allegedly stated that Suge's phones have been blocked, cutting him off from speaking to any of his attorneys.

When he left the court, Fletcher revealed what he claimed to be the only texts exchanged between Suge and F. Gary Gray. One, presumably from Suge, reportedly read "you have family, I have family, God bless you." It's easy to see the ominous subtext there, as invoking a man's family in such a context can always be interpreted as threatening.

Apparently, this whole thing popped off because Suge felt he deserved a fee for his portrayal in the hit NWA biopic. Stay tuned for further development on this case.