Suge Knight's life gets more dramatic by the day. Yesterday it was reported that Suge's $2 million bail for the fatal hit-and-run case had been revoked. In addition to having his bail pulled, the Death Row co-founder's charges were formally announced, which included one murder charge and one attempted murder charge.

This morning Suge appeared in L.A. County Superior Court to enter a plea on the charges, and after entering a plea of not guilty, Suge was reportedly rushed to the hospital after experiencing a panic attack. This is the second time Suge has been rushed to the hospital while in police custody, as you might recall, he passed out in his jail cell in November. Of course, getting shot six times is likely a cause of stress which could very well lead to panic attacks.

We'll keep you posted on new developments concerning Suge's case. Suge faces life in prison if convicted of the death of Terry Carter. Photos from the hearing are pictured above.


[Update: Suge Has Potentially Fatal Blood Clot]

Yesterday, as we reported above, Suge Knight was in court regarding his fatal hit-and-run. After pleading not guilty, the former music executive suffered what was thought to be a panic attack, and he was rushed to the hospital from court.

New details have emerged on Suge's medical condition today, and as it turns out, Suge was actually having a physical reaction to another blood clot (as he did in November when he was locked up), which could be fatal. The blood clots reportedly formed after Suge was shot at 1OAK in the summer.

TMZ reports that Suge was transferred to Long Beach Memorial, where doctors have put him on blood thinners, and where he is also handcuffed to the bed and under watch 24/7.

Any new developments with Suge, and we will update you.