Today, the Brooklyn Nets shocked the basketball world as they hired Steve Nash to become their next head coach. While Nash is a legendary point guard, he doesn't have the experience one would need to become a head coach. Regardless, the Nets are going to have him as their bench boss for four seasons and when you have players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on the team, there is plenty of pressure to win a title.

Marc J Spears of ESPN got to speak with Nash following the announcement of his hiring. During this discussion, Nash was asked about KD and Kyrie and what Nash thought of these superstars. As you can imagine, Nash is extremely excited to coach both of them and noted that he thinks KD is one of the best players of all time.

"There is a respect and admiration there for me. For me & Ky, our relationship is important. He is the (PG) & I’m the coach & I’m thrilled I get the opportunity to know him better and to understand him, how he plays & what he sees & be here to help him refine his gifts," Nash said on Irving.

While there is no guarantee Nash can turn the Nets into contenders, he will certainly be starting the season with some gifted players at his disposal.

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