Steve Ballmer is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and if you're familiar with the man, then you would know that he is easily one of the most energetic people on the planet. Ballmer can be seen going absolutely nuts at Clippers games which ends up being more entertaining than the game itself. Today, the Clippers had their introductory press conference for Paul George and Kawhi Leonard who seemed pretty excited about their new team. As you would imagine, Ballmer got to make his very own speech and he was as energetic as ever. He knows his team can win a championship with Kawhi and George and his energy certainly reflected that.

At the end of the clip above, the camera pans to Leonard and George who are laughing pretty hard at Ballmer's shenanigans. Leonard has always been known as a player who likes to keep a straight face but considering Ballmer's energy, he had no choice but to crack a smile. There's no reason for Leonard not to be happy though as he just signed a three-year, $103 million deal with the team. Meanwhile, his teammate George offers the Clippers even more opportunities to be great this season.

If there's one thing for certain, it's that Ballmer will be doing a lot of energetic celebrations throughout the year.