We're three weeks into the Big3 League and some of the NBA's biggest names are starting to feel at home again on the court.

In fact, Stephen Jackson is feeling so confident that he believes the Big3's best players could beat an NBA team, and not just a Summer League team either.

During a press conference over the weekend, Jackson was asked by Michael Rapaport if a team constructed of the BIG3's best players could beat an NBA Summer League team.

"I honestly feel that if you got the top 10 guys here, we could beat an actual NBA team," Jackson said in a pregame press conference, via Fox Sports 1. "Not just the summer league, we'll beat an actual NBA team."

The 14-year NBA vet, and current member of team Killer 3's, also told reporters that he thinks he could play for the Thunder right now.

Per Brett Dawson of the Oklahoman,

"I won't be like [Andre] Roberson," Jackson said. "They won't be hack-a-Shaqin' the small forward."

Check out the clip below.