Stephen A. Smith is known for being one of the most combative sports analysts on television. At any given time, he can be heard giving strong opinions on a wide variety of sports topics without a care in the world of what people may or may not think of him. Sometimes though, Smith has a lapse in judgment and can even get a little bit sensitive, even if the insults being used against him are his own.

For instance, someone called into Smith's radio show today and referred to him as a "bonafide scrub." If you're familiar with the Stephen A. Smith ethos, you would know that this is in reference to his epic rant on Kwame Brown which is over a decade old. Instead of taking the obvious joke in stride, Smith chose to get offended at the caller and had some incredibly harsh words.

Essentially, Smith told the man to never disrespect him again and that in the future, he should be referred to as "Stephen A." or even "Mr. Smith." Obviously, the man was referring to the infamous Kwame Brown video but perhaps Stephen A. didn't see the humor in it all.

Either way, it's clips like this that make us love Stephen A. so you can't be too mad at it, although that caller was probably petrified for a good minute.