On Stephen A. Smith's radio show yesterday, he claimed that his "sources" have told him that LeBron "would be tempted" to beat Kyrie Irving's ass if they came face to face right now.

LeBron has since taken to twitter to shut down those rumors as being #NotFacts, instructing Stephen A. to "get another source." Naturally, Stephen A. Smith had plenty to say about LeBron's comments.

In a classic rant this afternoon, Stephen A. said that although he respects LeBron as a champion, father, and philanthropist, “sometimes LeBron gets on my last nerve.”

He also doubled down on his statement that he was told, verbatim, LeBron would be tempted to beat Kyrie Irving's ass if they came face to face.

“If LeBron James was in front of Kyrie Irving, I was told, QUOTE, he would be tempted to whup his ass.

“That’s what was TOLD to me,” Smith said in audio captured by The Big Lead. “I did not speculate, I did not put that out there, it was TOLD to me. VERBATIM.”

Additionally, Stephen A. Smith said LeBron won't sit down for an interview with him because he only talks to people who make him feel more “comfortable," and made a threat to tell "the real story" of what happened with LeBron in the Cavs' 2010 second-round loss to the Celtics.

"What if I got into the REAL story about what happened with LeBron James against Boston the Spring BEFORE he decided to leave Cleveland and take his talents to South Beach? But we don’t want to get into that!”

You can listen to audio of Stephen A. Smith's 15-minute rant below.