The celebrities taking part in the annual NBA All Star Celebrity Game have not yet been announced but we do know who will be coaching the squads. On Friday, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith posted a video revealing that he'll be coaching one of the teams against a roster led by fellow ESPN host, Michael Wilbon.

Says Smith, "I promise, I probably will get a technical foul. Maybe two. I might get thrown out, I don't know. I mean, after all, my man [Michael] Wilbon's coaching against me - you know how Wilbon tries to mess with me sometimes."

Stephen A. will no doubt add to the entertainment value of the Celebrity All Star Game, I only wish he were taking part as a player/coach so that he could show off that smooth jumper of his. The game itself will take place on Friday, February 14 at Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Like previous years, the roster of celebrities from film, TV, and music will be joined by several NBA and WNBA legends.

Last year's game featured a home team made up of people who were born, raised, and/or played in North Carolina and/or South Carolina. Famous Los took home the MVP honors after scoring 22 points. 

Mitchell Leff/BIG3/Getty Images