When it comes to basketball and the NBA, the GOAT debate has become an incredibly tired one. At this point, pundits spend all of their time trying to decide who is better between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Most have come to the conclusion that Jordan is the better player thanks to his 6-0 Finals record, while LeBron's 3-6 record is a huge blemish on his career. While these are good points, there are certainly plenty of reasons to put LeBron on the GOAT pedestal.

With the Lakers in the NBA Finals, the GOAT debate has been reignited, and today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith had a very strong opinion about it all. As you will see in the clip below, Smith went off about calling James the GOAT and how he will never do it, regardless of what James does to finish his career.


"There's very few things in life I say 'never' to ... When it comes to LeBron James being ranked over MJ?! I will NEVER ever make that proclamation," Smith said.

Kendrick Perkins was having none of what Smith was saying, although this is par for the course as Pekins has become LeBron's biggest defender.

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