If Rockets fans are prepared to boycott Ayesha Curry's yet-to-be-opened Houston restaurant, Steph says that's fine, more ribs for him when he makes his annual trip to H-Town.

The Golden State Warriors' All-Star guard took to twitter to defend his wife's upcoming restaurant, International Smoke, after a swarm of salty Rockets fans left outrageous 1-star reviews on the Yelp page.

For instance, reviews such as:

"This is absolutely the worst place to go - her husband ripped our hearts out and now she has the guts to open up a place here?? I would never set foot in this place even if it was the last place on earth. P.S. This restaurant is full of snakes"

"first and foremost, i would like to start off by saying... how dare you bring this mess to houston. we are good, we do not need this negativity..I can already taste the blandness of the food. This establishment might serve us dusty water and moldy lemons. Ayesha, just pack up your restaurant and be going. You are not welcome in H town. Please save us the trouble and just DONT like Bryson tiller said.... with that being said, The Warriors suck. GO ROCKETS"

"BBQ was extremely chewy and a choking hazard. Of the 4 pieces of beef I ate, I chocked on 3 and was only able to finish 1."

As a result, Steph countered the negativity by bringing up some of the delicious items on the menu including ribs, shellfish, burratta and duck wings. Kehlani also took to social media to show support for the new restaurant in wake of the 1-star reviews, as did plenty of Warriors fans who are now showing love with 5-star reviews on Yelp.

Check out both Steph and Kehlani's tweets below.

According to International Smoke's website, the place is inspired by Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina's own individual heritage and travels, as well as their collective vision on how different cultures use fire, grilling, and smoke to create flavorful dishes that bring communities together all around the world. The restaurant description reads, "By incorporating authentic cooking traditions with spices and quality products, International Smoke features elevated dishes that take people on a journey to distant places."