Starlito & Don Trip "Boomshakalaka" Video

Trevor Smith
March 27, 2017 15:32

Starlito and Don Trip take glee in the art of rap on "Boomshakalaka."

Starlito and Don Trip are never having more fun than when they're trading punchlines on their Step Brothers releases. "Boomshakalaka" is one of the most thrilling collabs from their new LP Step Brothers 3, and finds the Tennessee duo passing the mic over some bouncy production, attempting to one-up one another's colorful wordplay.

The video mirrors the energy heard on the track, as the two treat rap like a sport as they rock jerseys and compete in some classic arcade-style NBA Jam. In fact, the rapper's dynamic isn't a whole lot different than an NBA Jam team, constantly setting each other up for cartoonishly effective alley-oops.

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