Last week, according to Variety, Spotify decided to triple the length of its free trial period, from one month all the way to three. Users will now have more time than ever to use the premium service before having to cancel or start paying up.

The official announcement for the new strategy reads, “Beginning August 22,* eligible users will receive the first three months on us for free when they sign up for Spotify Premium.** You’ll unlock a world of on-demand access to millions of hours of audio content—no matter when you sign up, winter, spring, summer, or fall.”

John Parra / Getty Images

As for their reasoning, Spotify has said they want to give users enough time for them to truly fall in love with their program, or as they put it, with “Premium’s seamless listening experience and on-demand access.” Whether this new change will drive up their subscription number, we’ll have to wait and see.

The change is another in a series of adjustments the company has made this summer. To kick off July, Spotify announced they would no longer be supporting their feature that allowed independent artists to upload their own music onto the streaming service. This decision was met with backlash from fans and artists alike.