Soulja Boy is facing a lawsuit over a car crash, in which he was (allegedly) to blame for. The incident occurred on June 23rd in L.A., when Soulja drove his Bentley into another a car, carrying  Bobbiye Sullinger (the driver) and Herman Flowers (the passenger). Both are suing the rapper for physical, financial and emotional damages.

At the time of the accident, Soulja denied that he was driving, but later admitted to it. Each side was claiming the other was at fault, however. TMZ  reports that now Bobbiye and Herman are suing him for medical expenses, loss of income and property damage. In addition to this, Bobbiye is also suing for defamation, as Soulja Boy posted a YouTube video following the accident calling her a liar, a racist, and claiming she accused him of stealing his Bentley. Bobbiye says the false accusations and lies damaged her reputation and harmed her career.

A judge has yet to rule.