Soulja Boy told Boombox he is working on his next album, called "Promises." 

"Right now I'm working on my new album," Soulja said. "It's called 'Promise' -- my fourth album to release from Interscope Records. It'll be in stores top of 2012. I want everybody to support."

Supposedly this next album will show that he has matured, "[The album is] just really showing the growth and maturity of Soulja Boy," he reveals. "It's going to be dope. It's going to be lot of great records on it, a lot of dope features, a lot of great production. I want all my fans to check it out."

Reminicsing on this past years events, which include the death of his brother, being arrested for marijuana possession, and the backlash he felt for his supposed anti-army lyrics, Soulja says, "[I'm] thankful for my family, very thankful for my family, I'm very thankful to be in the position that I'm in right now, just to touch so many people and be a role model for all the young people that's trying to come up in this world, and thankful to be alive."