Earlier today, Paramount Pictures premiered the trailer for the upcoming movie Sonic The Hedgehog. The film called onto a star-studded cast which includes Jim Carrey as the supervillain "Robotnik," Tika Sumpter (A Madea Christmas) and James Marsden (X-Men) amongst many others. Despite a freshly redesigned take on the iconic and fast-footed juvenile delinquent "Sonic," fans were left with several inquiries after viewing the trailer. While some were disappointed with Sonic's look and predictable a not-so-great film, others were more concerned with the song chosen to lead the released trailer. 

Coolio's 1995-smash hit "Gangsta's paradise" was used throughout the trailer for the anticipated Sonic film and fans are wondering why. That is especially considering the countless original songs featured in previous Sonic games and related products. In addition, the trailer hints at no relation with the song whatsoever which has since left everyone quite puzzled.

As such, the song's inclusion has sparked a few theories. A suggestion brought forth by Complex concerning the use of the song relates back to its 1990s link. Moreover, the theory entails that both Sonic and the aforementioned tune rose to prominence in the 90s, which would explain its use in the trailer. Though somewhat convincing, the question still remains.