XXXTentacion's murder had many fans speculating about those who might be responsible. Some innocent parties have been bearing some of the weight of this criticism. Soldier Kidd, an aspiring rapper, is one who was attacked online for his alleged involvement. Cops started looking in his direction during their investigation after the Florida rapper posted pictures of himself holding a gun at a fish restaurant close to the crime scene.

Solder Kidd came online to share his relief, after the indictment of the crime's true suspects. 

"Now it's made it way hard for me to blow up, now, you feel me? At first, I was on the right path [...] but now everybody's crucifying me on the internet. People still think I got something to do with it, you feel me? Of course, I had nothing to do with it, you feel me? We're from the same area and that's what's so crazy about it [...] The only way I can overcome this, That's by staying positive and that's what I'm gonna keep doing."

Although the tragedy has had a negative impact on his career, the aspiring rapper isn't letting go of his dreams of stardom: "I feel like I could be the next XX, spreading positivity and helping all the youngins."