Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram picture Wednesday of him and Dr. Dre in the studio, confirming that the rapper-producer duo that made Doggystyle, "Nuthin But A G Thang," and "Still D.R.E." is once again in business.

“Guess who bAcc,” wrote Tha Doggfather, followed by shining stars, a microphone, explosions, a gun, and a stack of cash in emoji form.

Dr. Dre recently got back in the studio with his old protege Slim The Mobster, looks like he's making the rounds with the old riders.

Given the recent release of Snoop's BUSH it's hard to say what they are working on. There are many potential reasons for the reunion. Could be a new Snoop project, could be Detox, could just be them getting together to smoke a blunt.

Regardless, good to see this goon squad back in action. Gz up, hoes down.