Brad Hall has made quite a name for himself online with his ability to get extremely rare and dope kicks, which he then unboxes and reviews in his suburban home. He’s not your average sneaker reviewer though; he looks more like he should be talking about sconces than Yeezy Boosts. We had to post his latest video, which has Hall branching out from his usual sneaker reviews (he reveals he’s “also a fashion guy”) in order to inform viewers how to dress like Kanye West.

Taking things very methodically, Brad Hall starts with the sneakers and moves his way up the body, from socks to pants, shirts and jackets. He does it all in his signature Brad Hall deadpan, calling his wide-legged khakis “tapered,” his regular fit button down “oversized” and his goofy Chicago T shirt a “cool graphic tee.” The funny thing is, his tips are actually pretty accurate, but his representations aren’t so much. Watch it below for a semi-educational chuckle.