Adidas recently introduced the world to their newest innovative running shoe, the AlphaBOUNCE, and it is one of the most comfortable sneakers that my feet have had the pleasure of being inside. That sounds weird, but just hear me out as I take you through my review of the $100 Adidas AlphaBOUNCE.


The Look: The "Black/White/Crystal White" colorway that I've been rocking is probably the most eye-catching off the bunch as it features an all-over leopard style print. Think if a zebra combined with a leopard. Now that isn't necessarily my style but because it sticks with a neutral black and white color scheme it's easy to pull off. Besides, there are four other less decorated AlphaBOUNCE colorways available if you're not sold on the graphic print.

The upper istelf is comprised of one layer of material with no seams at all which also adds to the sleek look of the shoe, and features subtle ribbing along the instep and lateral side which will get into more in the next section.

Not only have I been running in these things (humblebrag that I run from time to time), but they're also dually functional as a lifestyle sneaker. If I had a dime for each time someone complimented me on these sneakers I wouldn't be blogging anymore because I'd be rich, on a yacht somewhere off the coast of Greece. And I've only been wearing them for about two weeks.


The Fit: When it comes to running sneakers the fit is just as important as the overall comfort and the Adidas AlphaBOUNCE passes both tests with flying colors. The kicks were designed using motion technology which allowed Adidas to focus on the comfort while not sacrificing support.

The ForgedMesh upper allows the foot to move in its truest form, while those aforementioned ribbed patterns allows for more support, or expansion, as needed. In other words, it's the best of both worlds.

This material fits your foot like a glove and is extremely lightweight which is ideal for runners, even if you're just going out for a morning/nightly jog. I typically rock these unlaced, even when jogging, and there is never any doubt that my foot is locked in to the sock-like AlphaBOUNCE.

In addition to the snug fit of the ForgedMesh Upper, the BOUNCE midsole, comprised of EVA foam, is unbelievably comfortable. Not only is it comfortable to walk in but it is also responsive which feels great during your exercise.


“FORGEDMESH was built upon a completely functional insight,” said George Robusti, Senior Design Director for adidas Global Running. “Using motion capture technology, we identified parts of the foot that expand during a runner’s stride. With only one piece of material, FORGEDMESH offers support in these areas, which results in a more dynamic experience during activity.”


The Price: Maybe the best part about the Adidas AlphaBOUNCE is the $100 price point. There aren't many truly comfortable, good looking, innovative running sneakers that only cost a bill and if you were to compile them all the AlphaBOUNCE would have to rank at the top of my list.

As far as running sneakers are concerned I don't know if there is a better option available at the $100 price range and as I mentioned earlier they can also double as a casual sneaker, so you're getting the most bang for your buck with the AlphaBOUNCE.


These shoes have turned into my go-to sneaker and there's a strong chance I double up on a different colorway as Adidas continues to roll them out this Summer.

Currently, there are 5 different colorways available, including the Zebra/Leopard print joints I've been rocking, all of which you can find at major retailers like Foot Locker in both men's and women's sizes.