Ski Mask The Slump God was always regarded as one of the new generation's most original lyricists. Songs like "Catch Me Outside" showcased the rapper's eccentric brilliance, and built a fair degree of hype for his debut BeWaRe ThE BoOk Of ElI. Unfortunately, clearance issues and a botched rollout left Ski on the outside looking in, and his big release ultimately faltered beneath the spotlight through little fault of his own. The album turned in 12,000 in first week sales, underwhelming considering "Catch Me Outside's" viral nature. Still, The Slump God was not deterred, and immediately bounced back to work on his sophomore effort Stokeley.

Off the bat, Stokeley served as an impressive improvement from Eli's foundational groundwork; for many Ski fans, Stokeley marked the album they had been waiting for, and seemed to support the project accordingly. As a result, Ski's Stokeley is projected to move an approximated 55K, marking a massive upgrade from his debut. The boost is well deserved, and we can only hope that Ski feels a certain sense of well-earned validation. Be sure to check out Stokeley right here, and sound off with your thoughts below.