Ski Mask The Slump God's name is starting to buzz, and it's no surprise why. With a versatile flow and jovial charisma, he's quickly emerging as one of the most talented rappers of the new school. Unlike some of his generational contemporaries, Ski Mask seldom sacrifices lyrics or flow, delivering both in equally dope measure. It's no surprise that his Soundcloud page has already garnered millions of plays, and with his recent You Will Regret mixtape a mere two weeks old, there's no telling where his ceiling might be. 

Still, Ski Mask remains relatively unknown in the mainstream eye, with much of the recent spotlight falling on his homie XXXTENTACION. Despite that, Ski Mask The Slump God is undeniably starting to gather momentum, and seems poised for a breakout year. 

So why not get to know the man? 


In case you don't know, Members Only is a collective featuring Ski Mask, X, Wifisfuneral, Craig Xen, & Stain. They have released three mixtapes, and have become notorious for their lo-fi, aggressive aesthetic. The story goes that Ski Mask and X founded the collective upon meeting in prison, and has evolved since then. In an interview with XXL, Ski Mask stated that "Members Only is like everything in one, we're more of a family than just like, a collective, you feel me? If it came down to it, we'd just say fuck the music and try to be friends."

Timbaland is his favorite producer

He was embroiled in a violent beef with Rob Stone

Long story short, Ski Mask opening up for Desiigner during the "Outlet Tour." After some increasing tension, Ski Mask was ultimately jumped on stage by Rob $tone. After the initial attack, Ski Mask was left brutally beaten outside. The incident led to both rappers being removed from the tour, but Ski Mask ultimately ended up collaborating with Desiigner on the track "Up Next."

You can actually find him on Pornhub

Ski Mask somehow managed to be immortalized within the porn game, freestyling while his homie had sex in the background. Obviously we can't link to that video, but you could probably find it if you put your mind to it.

He's gunning for the XXL Freshman List

Ski Mask made a video pitch for the 2017 Freshman class, which he ultimately failed to make. Let's be honest - the cyphers probably could have used him. Was he robbed?

He respects the legends, but has love for the new generation

His top five include old Busta Rhymes, Method Man, old Lil Wayne, Travis Scott & old Missy Elliot. He has also referred to Young Thug as the GOAT.