Sir Mix-A-Lot is, in some ways, the quintessential ass-man. Having introduced a generation of warm blooded youths to the exalted art of big butt appreciation, his place in hip-hop history will ever be cemented. Somehow, "Baby Got Back" has been memorized by people of all ages, faiths, and races. Plus, the man brought "Becky" to the lexicon. In that regard, we welcome Mix-A-Lot with open arms. Yet the sad truth remains, his legacy has really come to be defined by his one moment in the sun. Until now.

Let it be know, Sir Mix-A-Lot is a man of many talents. The rapper has officially landed a special, Sir Mix-A-Lot's House Remix, on the DIY Network, where he will be showing off his long-cultivated talent. "I'm not just a rapper," says Mix-A-Lot, "these days, I'm flipping houses." Mike Holmes better duck down. For those interested, House Remix will take place in Mix-A-Lot's hometown of Seattle, which he claims has the "hottest real estate market in the country." 

The premise is simple. Mix-A-Lot will cop a beat down fixer upper, and proceed to give it the extreme makeover. One wonders how the exuberant rapper will carry himself in such an environment. Doubtless, it will be entertaining. Catch the special when it airs on Saturday, June 30, exclusively on the DIY network.