Shyne's out of prison, out of the rap game, and is running for office in Belize. It's a 180 transformation from the reputation he gained during his days with Bad Boy, especially in the wake of the 1999 nightclub shooting that resulted in his incarceration. The rapper recently joined Fat Joe on The Fat Joe show where he divulged on details surrounding the infamous evening, and Diddy's involvement.

Shyne explained that the issued from that evening stem from some friction between Diddy and a man named Matthew "Scar Allen" from Brooklyn. Though Shyne said that he knew the guys from Brooklyn who were in the club, it got to a point where the tension was boiling. "I was in fear of my life," he explained. 

"I know Scar from Brooklyn. Those are my guys. I didn’t have a problem with him; that wasn’t my beef. That was Puff’s issue. They had a problem with Puff for whatever reason. Scar, Nino, and the entire Brooklyn crowd was in Club New York. I seen them, it was all love, but when they started arguing with Puff … I know what these Brooklyn guys are capable of. I know what Scar is capable of.”

Shyne explained that things began getting worse as the trash-talking began, and he was in even more fear of his life being ended inside of the club. "I seen somebody reach for a gun, and I reached for my weapon, and I defended my friends and myself. Because once he starts firing, once whoever else pulls out a gun and starts firing, it doesn’t stop there," he continued.

As the incident garnered international press and shed a negative life on Bad Boy, Shyne reflected on his decision, and ultimately, Diddy's reaction. "At the time, I was thinking life or death. We didn’t have an opportunity for [Diddy] to say, ‘Thank you for saving my life, saving Jennifer’s life, you know, for saving all our lives.’ Because he was thinking about the corporation," he added.

Shyne notes that he never regretted his actions, and it seems apparent that he wouldn't if his life was at risk. However, he explained the role the lawyers had in the case of shifting the blame towards Shyne instead of Puff.

"Puff apologized. He did apologize to me for that... He did say that he could've handled it better but he was under a lot of pressure from the lawyers to throw me under the bus," he continued. "Because, again, Puff was a corporation. You know, Puff, if a half a billion-dollar corporation. And no one is going to sacrifice the corporation for anyone else."