Should Nike Release Retro LeBrons before the LeBron 13?

HNHH Staff
September 17, 2015 12:12

The Nike LeBron 13 hasn't even been officially unveiled yet but sneakerheads are already bashing LeBron James' 13th signature shoe. Should Nike Retro LeBrons Instead of Releasing the LeBron 13?

Some sneakerheads are hopeful that Nike might begin retroing the LeBron line, and there's no better time than now because the 13 might be the first shoe in the history of footwear that doesn't sell a single unit.

One LeBron signature that would please many sneakerheads if it were to return is the LeBron 9- which is the model LeBron wore when he won his first NBA championship.

Of course, if Nike decides to retro they'll probably start with the Nike Zoom LeBron 1 and work their way back up, but they should consider starting with the iconic 9 because of popularity and all the sick colorways including this 'Mango' joint.

Let us know which LeBron signature and colorway you want to see retro'd the most.

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HNHH TV Should Nike Release Retro LeBrons before the LeBron 13?