A bus carrying members of the media and volunteers between Olympic venues was shot at last night in Rio, thankfully no one was seriously injured in the attack.

According to reports, the bus had just left the Women's basketball game between Japan and Turkey and was headed back to the Media Center in Olympic Park when bullets sprayed the bus, blowing out a window. 

Reuters reporter Shannon Stapleton, who has experience reporting from conflict zones, said it had sounded like shots to her. "I'm not a firearms expert but I know what a gun sounds like.

"From my experience, it was a small calibre handgun shot a the bus at an angle. It wasn't the sound of a heavy rifle."

Turkish journalist Kaan Korkmaz, who suffered a light elbow wound from broken glass, said: "We were on the road and heard a loud noise."

"We were just shot at. You could see the bullet."

"I'm just in shock now. It could have been much worse. We are all lucky to be alive."

Witnesses claim authorities were unhelpful when they arrived on the scene and tried to brush off the incident, saying they were hit by stones not bullets, despite the fact that they never even inspected the bus.

Those riding the bus were positive that they had been shot at and were just happy to be alive after police finally escorted them to safety.