Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett knew exactly how he was going to celebrate if he scored against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. And when the moment presented itself, after Russell Wilson connected with Lockett on a 12-yard TD pass in the third quarter, the 26-year old receiver and his teammates recreated Allen Iverson's iconic step over of Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals.


Lockett and his teammates had actually planned to use the A.I. celebration during their game against the Los Angeles Rams on November 11, but he instead handed the ball to Floyd Mayweather after scoring a touchdown. “We were supposed to do that against the Rams but I just forgot to do it,’’ Lockett said, per the Seattle Times. “So we had to make sure we were going to bring it back.’’

According to the Seattle Times, Lockett said they practiced it “probably once’’ earlier in the week just so everyone would be on the same page. 

The third quarter touchdown gave the Seahawks a 17-13 lead, but there was plenty of back-and-forth scoring before it was all said and done. In the end, Seattle secured a 30-27 victory as veteran Sebastian Janikowski nailed a 31-yard field goal as time expired.

Locket led the Seahawks in receiving with five catches for 107 yards and a TD, as Russell Wilson torched the Panthers for 309 yards and two TDs through the air. With the win, Seattle improved to 6-5 on the season which puts them in the hunt for one of the two NFC Wild Cars spots.