A little known rapper from Delaware, who goes by the name Jim Cretes, made waves today when he released a brand new song with a verse on it by Schoolboy Q, called "Hustle 101." The only problem is Schoolboy Q doesn't think Cretes had the permission to use that verse. An angry Q railed on twitter:

If you don't know, Jim Cretes is heavily associated with Top Dawg Entertainment, to whom Schoolboy Q belongs. In '09 Cretes directed a video for Kendrick Lamar. Meaning he directed the video for K-Dot's song, "Kendrick Lamar." However, Cretes firmly believes Schoolboy Q gave him permission to use the verse all those years ago. He responded to ScHoolboy on twitter, saying in a series of tweets:

So, basically Cretes is steadfast that he didn't steal. However, perhaps Schoolboy Q did him a favor, as people who weren't talking about him, now are. This is probably going to turn into one of those beefs which benefits one rapper a whole lot more than the other. 

Of course, this all happened a few years ago and basically we only have the word of both Q and Cretes, respectively. What do you think is going on here?