The Sacramento Kings (18-27) upset LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (30-14) in overtime last night by the final of 116-112 and after the game their social media manager wasted no time in trolling LBJ and the Cavs organization.

First, the Kings' twitter account sent out an image of a Cleveland-inspired "L" wrapped in the Cavaliers' sword logo, which they followed it up with a photo of DeMarcus Cousins handing out another "L" while LeBron's famous, "Clevelandddd, this is for youuu!" sound bite played in the background.

The Kings aren't too familiar with winning but when they do, they're twitter account really knows how to rub it in. 

And luckily for them, this is the last time they'll face LeBron and the Cavs this season. Unless, of course, the two teams link up in the NBA Finals. So yeah, the Kings are in the clear until next season.